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Dentures in Cincinnati


At Fairfield Family Dentistry in Cincinnati, dentures are one of the many dental services we offer. While tooth extraction is never our first choice of treatment, sometimes it is necessary.

The need for tooth extraction can be caused by malnutrition, genetic disorders, disease, or improper dental care during childhood. Sometimes only some teeth need to be removed, providing the need for partial dentures that are secured to existing natural teeth with secure clasps.

A full set of teeth is desirable for chewing, facial appearance, and articulate speech. If your dental health requires extraction of all your natural teeth, a waiting period of up to 6 months may be necessary to allow your gums the time they need to heal and your jaw bone the opportunity to realign. In those cases, we offer immediate dentures, for a temporary period.

Whether you need a partial or full set, we will perfectly match natural tooth color or a brighter white, if you prefer, and we'll make sure that your new set of teeth matches your facial structure.

At Fairfield Family Dentistry, we offer free consultations and accept all major dental insurance policies.

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